University Package Project Management

Creation of the University Package is being managed using PRINCE2 methodology.

Business Case

Enterprise-grade Content Management Systems (CMS) are expensive. In an era of ever increasing pressure on finances and organisational change, the open-source software movement can bring significant cost savings. However, when considering a new CMS, a paid support solution is important. One system identified as being value-for-money in this regard is the Orckestra C1 CMS. While the core software is open source, licensed under the Mozilla Public License (Version 1.1), Orckestra offers a range of annual support plans at substantially lower cost than the market leaders.

Moving large institutional websites to a new CMS is a time-consuming and costly process that begins with customising the software to accept data tailored to the institution. However, cost savings after implementation can be substantial. Finding a way to reduce the development time and expense of the initial migration process would aid those institutions seeking an alternative solution to their current system.

This project aims to create a set of core datatypes, functions and templates that an institution can use to build their website upon within the Orckestra C1 CMS.

Project Board

The project board comprises:

Project Planning Documents