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2016/09/16 Need to reinstate the URL Configuration functionality lost from v5.0 of the CMS. Resolved Found the four missing files in GitHub commit 31415aa5231397312e226320f994b9683b87da73, and reinserted them into the CMS codebase.
2016/11/11 Where pages will have a special URL path that reflects date, need to find a unique idetifier other than the Id GUID. Resolved Use a unique identifier other than a GUID. Use type String (128) for names where possible.
2016/12/10 Need a way to pass localisation strings to JavaScript functions without adding additional file versions. Resolved Created the TextStrings function to embed localisation strings in the HTML code, for pickup by JQuery function.
2017/01/07 Need a way to show that tables can be scrolled left and right on small-screen devices. Resolved Found a code snippet on StackOverflow to insert a code snippet before the <div class="table-responsive"> tag.
2017/01/17 The CMS Visual Editor is adding rogue line-breaks <br/> at the end of text blocks. Resolved Found a code snippet on StackOverflow that adds a styleable <span> tag before the <br/> tag. Also logged Issue #359 on GitHub for Orckestra C1 CMS.
2017/04/28 Visual Editor's function dialogue boxes aren't saving data back to the page, and the C1 UI hangs. Resolved Identified as Issue #435 on GitHub for Orckestra C1 CMS. Patch was to get latest "dev" branch of C1, run Grunt file through Task Runner, build project, and then copy / replace entire contents of ~/Composite/content/misc/editors/visualeditor/ directory in my C1 v5.1 install with working version of TinyMCE from C1 v6.1 install.
2017/08/21 Attempts to update Composite C1 v5.1 to Orckestra C1 v6.2 using instructions from Pauli Østerø (burningice2866) repeatedly fail. Resolved Worked with Steve Reid to manually upgrade with Visual Studio using Code Compare. Issue was resolved by removing the the Package Creator add-on before upgrading.

Updated: 30 December 2019