Risk Register

Risk: Category: Impact: Response: Plan:
Data loss during programming and development Data Medium Accept The Composite.Tools.XmlBasedSiteBackup add-on is installed in the CMS. XML-based site backups are taken after each day of programming and copied to DropBox for protected cloud storage. 5 versions are retained, DropBox also retains deleted files for 28 days, allowing restoration. Windows 10 is also set to backup to a local external hard disk on a hourly basis.
Data loss after installation Data Medium Transfer Customers should ensure that they have a backup plan in place, and they make regular backups of the CMS and all associated XML / SQL data stores.
Following end-user testing, more effort on the user guide may be necessary. Documentation Low Accept Time is available to update the documentation during and after beta testing.
Lack of an effective project management methodology Management Medium Accept The Project Director is PRINCE2 trained and will use a modified PRINCE2 methodology.
Lack of effective project management skill Management Low Accept The Project Director and Project Executive are registered PRINCE2 Practitioners. The Project Executive is a senior Project Manager at the University of Bristol. Both have significant experience managing IT-related projects. The Project Director will work under the guidance of the Project Executive, who has significantly more project management experience.
Lack of required knowledge / skill in the project personnel Management Medium Accept The Project Director is the senior web developer for the software, and has had some C# training. He has significant experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, XML, XSLT and Bootstrap - technologies used in this project.
Inadequate planning Management Low Reduce The project has been scoped according to PRINCE2 requirements. However, the scope may be slightly expanded without significantly extending the 1 year estimated duration.
High level of technical complexity Complexity High Reduce The Project Director will try to keep the project as simple and deliverable as possible. If problems are encountered he will consult external developers with more experience.
Inadequate estimation of required resources Complexity Low Reduce
Ineffective communications Complexity Medium Reduce
Lack of understanding of web page design principles Complexity Low Accept
Project milestones not clearly defined Complexity Low Reduce
Project progress not monitored closely enough Complexity Medium Reduce
Changing scope / objectives Requirements Medium Reduce
Lack of frozen requirements Requirements Low Reduce
Misunderstanding of the requirements Requirements Low Reduce
Unclear system requirements Requirements Low Reduce
Insufficient QA time to validate on all browsers and OS types. Testing Medium Reduce
Insufficient time for external stakeholders to submit feedback Testing Medium Reduce
Lack of verifiable sample data may affect the ability of the primary external stakeholder to validate end product. Testing Medium Reduce
Artificial deadlines Timeline Medium Accept The Project Director has set a 1 year deadline for this project to be completed. This is subject to change based upon his own workload and employment.
Conflicts between users Users Medium Reduce
Inadequate staff available from external stakeholders until very late in cycle. Users Medium Reduce
Lack of adequate user involvement Users Low Accept
Lack of cooperation from users Users Low Accept
Users not committed to the project Users Medium Accept
Users resistance to change Users Medium Accept

Updated: 28 April 2017