Stage Plan

Stage One - Project Initialisation

Work Package 1A

  • Write the initial Technical and User Requirements document.

Stage Two - Installation and Configuration

Work Package 2A

  • Install the Orckestra C1 CMS, patch and initialise.
  • Install useful add-ons from Orckestra.
  • Add basic template types and page templates.
  • Add initial homepages.
  • Add entries to the Windows hosts file.
  • Add the URL configuration records.
  • Begin to create documentation for future developers to use.

Stage Three - Datatypes and Templates

These two work packages can run concurrently.

Work Package 3A

  • Plan and create the datatypes.
  • Document the datatypes.

Work Package 3B

  • Improve the template types and page templates.
  • Add home- and sub-pages to all sites. Populate with sample text.
  • Document the templates.

Stage Four - Functions

Work Package 4A

  • Plan the functions required for page templates
  • Plan the functions required for pages.

Work Package 4B

  • Build the functions
  • Add sample data to the datatypes.
  • Document the functions.

Stage Five - Documentation Clean-up

Work Package 5A

  • Review all user documentation and amend where necessary.

Stage Six - Website Clean-up

Work Package 6A

  • Review demonstration website and improve where necessary.
  • Review sample data and improve where necessary.

Stage Seven - Beta Test

  • Publish to external web-server.
  • Contact Orckestra and arrange promotion through social media and possible joint press release.
  • Add message to JISCmail Website Info Management list asking for testers.
  • Collate feedback and bug fix.

Stage Eight - Release

  • Collate feedback and bug fix.
  • Collate all documentation and produce final report.
  • Move into maintenance mode.

Updated: 09 February 2020