The Big TODO List

This is an incomplete list of items that need to be completed:

  1. Build the initial datatypes.
  2. Update the common.xml file for the Visual Editor with a complete set of Bootstrap formatting buttons and drop-downs.
  3. Design layout for Datatype pages.
  4. Document the Page Datafolders, correcting actual Datatypes as issues become apparent.
  5. Document the Global Datatypes, correcting actual Datatypes as issues become apparent.
  6. Create separate types and page templates for the University pages.
  7. Finish writing the Style Guide page.
  8. Finish writing the Writing for the Web page.
  9. Finish writing the Data Model page.
  10. Create functions for displaying fees, with localisation resources.
  11. Create a more dynamic CSS structure for the documentation website's left-hand menu colours, that can work to any depth.
  12. Finish writing the What Functions Go Where page.
  13. Copy entry requirements and application methods fields from course datatype to module datatypes.
  14. Check datatypes to set the Id as the data URL, where possible. Where pages will have a special URL path that reflects dates, use a unique identifier other than a GUID. Use type String (128) for names where possible.
  15. Review Has caching and Has publishing settings for all datatypes.
  16. Create and document the C# functions.
  17. Create and document the Razor functions.
  18. Create and document the following XSTL functions.
  19. Remove all unused functions. Use CodeLens in Visual Studio to count references to C# methods and remove any unused methods.
  20. Add descriptions to all functions.
  21. Check all pages and blog entries for images without alt text, and populate whenever possible.
  22. There's always something else TODO!

Updated: 05 May 2020